Specs/Ordering for Master Bath Finishes

Priority: High Priority
Status: Complete
Responsible: Pon

(partially in progress.  It is unclear what the finishes for the bathroom are.ore door hardware needs to be counted for interior doors (see below).)

0800 – Preshar states through translator that he has no specification for:

  • Bathroom hardware (safety handrails and others?)
  • Bathroom furnishings (mirror in specific, maybe others?)
  • Door hinges
  • Door knobs/locks.
  • Door color

This dovetails with needed specification for the Shower Curtain.

I do not know all of what should be included.

Please provide written specifications ASAP.


1300 same day, went to store on superhighway (Chang Phueak) and selected the following:

Haerle  – 5 in stock, need to order more for entire house.  key locked vs interior locking needs to be specified for rest of house.  Approx. 1240 baht each.


Door Hinges:


safety railing: