Please edit all containers for all viewports/devices to fit ads (attached)

Priority: Urgent
Status: Not Started
Responsible: Surinder


The picture below shows the ad sizes I’m working with.

I have edited container widths to fit ads somewhat better within Divi>theme customizer >additional css.  In all regards css, feel free to do as you wish/think is best.  My request is that you comment the new css to explain what it’s doing – I want to understand myself if i end up researching something.

/*body content and sidebar container width for desktop ads*/

.et_pb_gutters2.et_right_sidebar #left-area {    padding-right: 4%;}

.et_pb_gutter.et_pb_gutters2 #left-area {    width: 68.5%;}

.et_pb_gutter.et_pb_gutters2 #sidebar {    width: 31.5%;}