Please add this code under speaker tape post tags

Priority: Medium
Status: Not Started
Responsible: Surinder

I put the below code into single.php in the old theme.  the purpose was if the post had only these tags, to ask visitors to please add more tags.

If we could use something similar, but also add to it that if the post does not have at least 2 tags of any kind, to echo the content:


<!– kungfu – following line has been added <!– –>

<?php  if ( !has_tag() || has_tag( ‘AA Convention Tapes’ ) || has_tag( ‘177’ (edit – or doesn’t have at least 2 tags, then…))

{   echo ‘Folks, <strong><span style=”color:#E1592B !important;”>This Tape has No Tags or Needs Additional Descriptive Tags</span></strong> – Please Add More Tags in the Comments Section to Help me Categorize It Better!’ ; }