Non-complete items

  1. change copyright from “2017” to 2014-(current year). - Surinder
  2. safari mobile – tons of devtool errors – please check - Surinder
  3. safari mobile browser – not working well with speaker tape template of speaker template – largest portion of site visitors - Surinder
  4. please check 1phone 6s safari browser on any speaker tape page – it appears the player is not looking right. - Surinder
  5. overview of the Toolset Plugin (video) - Surinder
  6. Please edit all containers for all viewports/devices to fit ads (attached) - Surinder
  7. please comment all code changes with some kind of signature that it was your agency that did it – PLEASE!! - Surinder
  8. CSS is off with add wrapping: - Surinder
  9. Add a nice css container around all the speaker tape speaker name, ratings, the tape player, and tags. - Surinder
  10. Live site – hitting update on pages cycles through repeating updates without stopping - Surinder
  11. Are you familiar with WP-Toolset? - Surinder
  12. Post tags not showing on speaker tape pages - Surinder
  13. Change permalinks to https - Surinder
  14. Desktop menu padding – is it too much: - Surinder
  15. Home page only Add following: - Surinder
  16. Add ezoic add code into search loop and into a views loop (toolset) every 10 posts – low priority - calvin
  17. touch up top of bedroom hinge with trim paint - John
  18. scrub light switches - John
  19. trim trees - John
  20. power wash front & back windows, clean drains - John
  21. install soap dishes, master bath, dining bath, rear bath. – check with prasert/pon - Sam
  22. Paint INSIDE of all windows White semi gloss (NOT OUTSIDE) - Pon, Sam
  23. get carpenter and cabinet builders phone and Line information for future work - Sam
  24. check that all new water heaters work properly (master bath, dining bath, rear bath) - Sam
  25. Mosquito Net quote from Windsor/bangkok - Sam
  26. Install base molding to front room woodwork - Pon, Sam
  27. install new locks – rear bedrooms - Pon, Sam
  28. install front door lock - Pon, Sam
  29. Finish off sides terrace seat and floor - Pon, Sam
  30. Paint this access door - Sam
  31. final coat polyurethane on stairs (after the conscrtuction is done) - Pon, Sam
  32. New Hinges are missing screws everywhere – check them all, make sure they are the matching screws that came with the hinge – - Sam
  33. 3rd request – hang master bath door properly – no self-closing. - Pon, Prasert, Sam
  34. Front room Granite – have painters paint the grout brown to match where the granite and woodwork meet on the sides. - Sam
  35. regrout front room granite – matching grout to granite color. - Sam
  36. Cabinet Contrctor – Build simple matching tv stand to raise tv height 27cm - Pon, Sam
  37. Trim latex topper down to fit bed properly in master bedroom - Sam
  38. Master bedroom – move bed away from wall for access to windows for painting/window locks. - Sam
  39. install secure door to shed - Sam
  40. Install some kind of shelf in the rear shower for shampoo, soap, a place to set a phone, etc. - John
  41. Install new kitchen door lock (will be provided) - John, Pon, Sam
  42. buy grout sealer, buy syringes from pharmacy - John
  43. Bothavorn – 4 watt eve lights. - John
  44. TV Mounts – Kitchen and 2nd bedroom -
  45. pick up spare tiles from shop - John
  46. John – Order Beds and Toppers - John
  47. TV boxes from alec - John
  48. Find Matching Post Caps, install on posts that don’t have them. -
  49. Updated BOQ - Prasert
  50. Roof Repairs - Prasert