Mobile app specs

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I hope this information is helpful – lemme know what specs I am missing.

  • The website holding the content and possibly informing the content architecture for the app from is (that content architecture can probably use improvement).
  • Android and Ios, possibly tablet apps (depending on flexibility, performance, price).
  • I don’t have a wireframe, which i suspect may be necessary – please have front-end experience because i suck at design
  • Based on my understanding, the way to go is ionic and angular js, but am open to other frameworks if a solid argument can be made.
  • my site contains over 5700 mp3’s.  Ideally, I’d like to let my users have access to all of them, at least by keyword search.  People use the search function on the website regularly.
  • I have all the necessary metadata needed for the mp3 detail page (speaker, Title, Tags, mp3 url, average ratings, number of ratings).
  • tape detail page contains the speaker name, title, player with corresponding audio file (served from AWS), tags, and a star rating with # of users that rated it.
  • maybe a page that allows visitors to query the database by user input (speaker name tagged with something and rated over 3 stars).
  • I can supply that info via json (currently turned off on the website), but wonder if that would be immensely slow – is a built-in database a possibility that could be updated once a month or so?
  • People who don’t have regular internet access need to be able to download some mp3’s, so it needs the ability to create playlists where tapes are available for offline use , but preferably stored within the app itself – I don’t want people to be able to download the file into their phone media storage and then start sharing it.
  • Ability to favorite a tape, and have it be available offline.
  • Ability to write the proper CORS or bucket policy in AWS S3 so only people with the app can stream/download the audio files.
  • My sense is that several pages will need to be created with links to major category pages (e.g., AA Step 1, Best AA Speakers, Best AA Speaker Tapes, etc.).
  • Nice aesthetic design.
  • Fast as possible app speed.
  • Simple Navigation – make it intuitive from the time people hit the home page to get to the speaker mp3 or topic mp3 they want.
  • If possible, teach me how to create/edit a page displaying tapes by query information.  There’s always ways to make things more relevant and fast to get the users to the tape they want.
  • advice on monetization – paid app or free but ad-based?
  • Whatever else you think would make for an excellent, stable user experience.
  • More to follow as it comes to mind.
  • Cost is an issue, I’d like to keep it below 7k (depending on specifications, of course) but time to get it done isn’t a major problem.